Huzhou Dagang Wanfeng Decoration Design Engineering CO.,LTD

  Huzhou Dagang Group Wanfeng Decoratin Design Engineering Co.,Ltd.was fornded in 1994.
  In 2002,it was approved as Grade III decoration construction enterprise with approval of Urban and Rural Construction Plan Committee of Huizhou City.In 2003,in order to fit up with the situation of refrm and opening in Huzhou city, promote the development of enterprise and heighten the level of construction design and construction capability so as to make the enterprise place itseif in an invincible position in the violating market competition,
is absorbed the investment and added the registered capital of RMB 4.5 million with the resolution adopted by board of directors and renamed as the present name:Huzhou Dagang Group Wanfeng Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd. The first registered capital was RMB 5 million, fixed assets of RMB 1.06 million and construction machinery of 38 sets.
  The company has the engineerh~g technical and management personnel of 16 having technical professional title, among them engineering technicians of 12 and middle titles of 5. Since its founding, it has contracted more ten projects of engineering construction for every year.
  In recent years, the projects that it contracted and finished include: Zhili Dagang Guest House, Baolong Guest House, Expert Building of Beigang Group, Office Building of Dagang Group, Shunfeng Grand HoteL, Office Building of Dongan Construction Company,
Office Building of Hongbo Group of Lian City, Wenxin Island Vocation Holiday VIllage of Qiandaohu Lake, Huzhou Sun-light Town, Office Building Oumei Company,
Office Building of Meixinda Group,Nanyang Hotel, Display Hall of international Garden Exhibit and decoration engineering.
  In 2002,it carried on construction output of RMB 11.46 million. With a strong design capabilily of decoration and construction, the company always has been meticulous in design and construction.
"Be considerate of Owners, Let owners satisfied and Come to the optimum effect with less money" is the service idea that we have always adhered to.
  For many yearn, all staff members of our company have worked hard. The engineering quality has enjoyed a high reputation among all cydes.
  The company will, as always, actively explore the space of enterprise development and, in fine with the matter-on-fact attitude,struggle together with all colleagues and make a great contribution for construction decoration cause.
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