Form of pure cotton and Polyester-cotton blend for puer cotton's standard form
TYPE T/C yarn Density Range
100%COTTON FABRIC C 32X32 68X68 50”
C 30X30 68X68 63”
C 30X30 68X68 67”
C 30X30 68X66 47”
C 30X30 80X80 38”
C 20X20 60X60 63”
C 20X20 60X60 38”
C 20X20 60X60 50”
C 21X21 96X44 61”
C 21X21 108X58 47”3/1 2/1
C 21X21 108X58 63”2/1
C 40X40 133X72 47”2/1
C 40X40 133X72 67”1/1
C 21X21/2 38X43 49”
JC 40X40 133X100 67”
C 16X16 80X46 63 2/1”
T/C GREY FABRIC T/C (65/35)45X45 110X76 47”
T/C (65/35)45X45 96X72 47”
CVC (50/50)35X35 78X54 48”
T/C (80/20)35X35 96X44 48”
T/V (80/20)45X45 110X76 64”
CVC (50/50)35X35 96X56 64”
CVC (50/50)35X35 96X56 48”
OXFOD FABRIC JC 40X21/2 110X59  
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